‚ÄčClaire Kaniewski, LMFT

LGBT Services

Since I began working with the LGBTQ population back in graduate school, I have always felt a pull on my heart to advocate in the community. My desire is to provide a space to support whatever obstacles you are dealing with or have dealt with in the past. I am truly honored to have an affirmative practice to serve any who identify with the community. Many of the issues we can address in session include:

                 -Identity formation and exploration (gender & sexual orientation)
                 -The coming out process (as this can be lifelong)
                 -Conflicts about gender, identity & sexuality (in individuals & couples) 
                 -Relationship issues (with family or partner(s))

My most recent work within the community has been with transgendered youth and genderqueer/non-binary young adults (20-35). I do believe that trans and gender non conforming individuals should be able to advocate for their own need in the medical health care system, however that is not always the case. Therefore, I can provide letters for gender affirming surgeries.